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How to keep your workplace safe during a Pandemic

How to keep your workplace safe during a Pandemic

How to keep your workplace safe during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has proven that enforcing strict Workplace Health and Safety measures is essential to ensure a businesses continuity and success. Despite a percentage of the workforce now working from home, many of us continue to go into work each day.


In Queensland where Bronson Safety's head office and Warehouse are located, essential service workers including health workers, supermarket staff and various other workers are still required in the workplace. We understand that this is the same in many Sates and Territories in Australia. As a business that has been classified "essential" during this period, our Bronson Team would like to share our tips for keeping the workplace safe and hygienic during COVID-19.


The term "social distancing" is currently one of the most common sets of words spoken in any workplace in Australia. At Bronson Safety, our team are practising social distancing measures in every aspect of our business.


Here are the top 5 tips from our Team Manager, Melina:


  1. Stop shaking hands to greet others.
  2. Keep a distance of (min)1.5 metres away from others as much as possible (use markings or tape on the floor to clearly define the boundary where necessary).
  3. Avoid team meetings and other gatherings that aren’t absolutely essential. When essential, maintain social distancing and good hygiene practices. 
  4. Move desks apart and create clear division between any customers and employees. 
  5. Enforce a "eat lunch at your desk" rule where possible, or offer external seating - anything that will help employees avoid the lunchroom.


Ideal Safety Measures, in practice

We will now walk you through a few of the measures we have taken at Bronson Safety, to ensure our team are as safe and comfortable as possible during this period. 


1. Our team have placed danger tape on the floor to mark out 1.5 squared meter spaces. This helps to ensure that each team member has the space they require. Plus, the high visibility tape helps to ensure that everyone is aware of the measures in place. To view the range of tape that we have on offer, please click here

2. This image is taken on the opposite side of the first image (left). Here our team have aimed to leave a small walkway for customers who enter, although this is infrequent. Again, the yellow and black tape is high visibility so as to draw the attention of customers and ensure that they respect spacial boundaries. 

3. This image, taken at the entry of the office shows the signs that our team have put together to again enforce the 1.5 squared meter rule. These signs, located on each desk in the office, offer a very clear and concise notice of the social distancing measures. To see the range of signs that we have on offer, click here

4. Promoting general hygiene during a Pandemic is by far the best tool for combatting a Virus such as COVID-19. While we do not stock soaps or sanitisers at Bronson, we do offer a wide range of hygiene-related signs that our team have also placed up in all bathrooms, kitchens and general workspaces.