Sqwincher 2L Concentrate

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  • Sqwincher - 2L Grape
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  • Sqwincher - 2L Lemon Lime
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Product Description

An employee working out in the heat can become dehydrated and fatigued from heat stress. This can lead to bad decisions with the equipment he or she is running. Can you afford to take this type of hit on your jobsite? Imagine if you could prevent it from happening? Now you can. Sqwincher electrolyte replenishment sports drink comes in a variety of forms to suit your employees needs. You can get them as a fast pack, where all you need to do is add water to the packet and use the actual packet as a cup, get them as freeze pops or get them in Qwik Stik form to carry on the go and pour into any water bottle for use at any time. Sqwincher is a definite game changer. Not only do they come in great tasting flavours, but they are a much better alternative to soda or other caffeinated drinks that you can find on normal job sites. Prevent fatigue, heat stress and most importantly accidents from happening on your job site. Get Sqwincher for your crew and watch their productivity skyrocket.

  • One 2L bottle makes 20L of Sqwincher. Team with the 20L Sqwincher Cooler below.
  • Caffeine Free. Low Salt.

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