Trolleys & Hand Trucks

Transport heavy and bulky objects with ease, no matter the workplace or environment. 

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Bronson Safety's range of trucks and trolleys are perfect for transporting heavy and bulky objects and items in the workplace. There's something to suit any requirement or industry, including transport logistics, offices, hospitality, retail and more. 

Load shifting trolleys are a fantastic alternative to dangerous manual handling tactics.

By removing the need for employees to lift, bend, and move heavy objects, these trolley's are found to make workplaces safer and stress-free. Choosing the right trolley can make all the difference to the operations at hand (and the profit gained performing them).

We recommend: When choosing a trolley, ensure you check the capacity of each model. It is important that this suits the intended use of the trolley. The weight of the trolley should be between approximately 15% - 20% of the intended carry load.

Laws and Regulations

There are no current Australian Standards controlling the manufacture or use of workplace trolleys and hand trucks. However, best practice indicates such products are required to be light-weight, thin (preferably 80mm narrower than a standard doorway), and strong.

It is recommended to select a trolley based on the expected carry load and ensure that it is made of durable and "rugged" material that will hold together. 

All Bronson Safety products are selected based on these criteria, to ensure that our customers are able to select from the best possible manual handling alternatives.