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Retracting & Expanding Barriers

Direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic with convenient versatility and portability.

Retracting & Expanding Barriers
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  1. Hi-Vis Barrier Reel
    Hi-Vis Barrier Reel
    As low as $361.02 $328.20
  2. Skipper™ Safety Barrier Systems
    Skipper™ Safety Barrier Systems

    Starting at $238.81 $217.10

  3. Guideline Posts
    Guideline Posts

    Starting at $38.83 $35.30

  4. Foldaway Lite Barrier System
    Foldaway Lite Barrier System

    Starting at $421.08 $382.80

  5. Foldaway Barrier System
    Foldaway Barrier System

    Starting at $585.31 $532.10

  6. Heavy Duty Barrier System
    Heavy Duty Barrier System

    Starting at $525.91 $478.10

  7. Receiver Red post - Outdoor Tensabarrier®
    Receiver post - Outdoor Tensabarrier®

    Starting at $323.84 $294.40

  8. Receiver post - Utility Tensabarrier®
    Receiver post - Utility Tensabarrier®

    Starting at $308.66 $280.60

  9. Tensator® APG System
    Tensator® APG System
    $2,504.59 $2,276.90
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Items 1-9 of 29

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Featured products
  1. Kwik Bloc Water Filled Barrier
    Kwik Bloc Barrier
    SKU: Kwik Bloc Barrier
    As low as $232.87 $211.70
  2. Mobile Aluminium Expanding Barrier
    Mobile Aluminium Expanding Barrier
    SKU: Mobile Aluminium Expanding Barrier
    As low as $499.73 $454.30
  3. KwikStak Barrier
    KwikStak Barrier
    SKU: KwikStak Barrier
    As low as $174.57 $158.70
  4. fold-down-parking-protector-bollard
    Fold Down Parking Protector Bollard
    SKU: Fold Down Parking Protector Bollard

    Starting at $11.11 $10.10

  5. Speed Hump Bulldog™ Plastic Compliance
    Speed Hump Bulldog™ Plastic Compliance
    SKU: Speed Hump Bulldog™ Plastic Compliance

    Starting at $19.69 $17.90

Looking for moveable and transferrable barriers that still maintains their strength and durability? Look no further.

Our range of expanding, foldaway and retractable barriers are exactly what you’re after.

Expanding: Our range of expanding barriers are perfect fpr all commercial, retail and industrial uses. We provide a massive range of products, including mobile and stationary options and materials such aluminium to plastic. These light weight barriers are designed for compact and easy storage and handling, and can be picked up with ease by workers.

Foldaway: Bronson Safety’s range of foldaway barrier systems feature three levels of strength and durability including light weight, regular and heavy duty systems. These barrier systems are perfect for covering manholes, ditches and when barricading dangerous or hazardous areas both inside and outside the facility. Individual units are able to be combined to create one unit.

Retractable: Our retractable barrier range features top, world leading brands including Tensabarrier® and Rollabarrier® among other alternatives. The number of applications for these barriers are endless, including indoor and outdoor uses as well as various mounting options including: Standard mount, clamp mount, warehouse rack mount, glass mount, removable/semi-permanent mount and custom webbing standard mount and recessed mount.

We offer a number of options, from light weigh to heavy duty and in between. We pick our range based on a number of qualities including ease of usability and compliance with all relevant Australian Standards, WHS regulations and common/best practices.