Slips, Trips & Floor Safety

Ensure sufficient grip on floors and stairs in the workplace to prevent slips and trips.

Slips, Trips & Floor Safety
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Bronson Safety’s range of stair nosings, tactiles, cable protectors and anti-slip tapes and coatings are all tested and approved for workplace slip and trip protection.  Also stocking a huge range of wet area and anti-slip mats, this is your one-stop shop for floor safety.

DID YOU KNOW: Over 40% of worker injuries in Australia are related to falling or slipping in the workplace.

Assess the suitability of flooring in your business:

  • Smooth and hard floor surfaces increase the risk of slips – Rough flooring or mats is recommended.  
  • Contaminants on the floor further increases risk – Invest in a correct and appropriate cleaning procedure for your workplace.
  • Inconsistent flooring (a sudden change in flooring types or height) can increase occurrence of slips, trips and falls – ensure any changes are highly visible, and steer clear where possible.
  • Flooring that is uneven or in poor condition, including: torn carpet, loose or curling matting, uneven or broken concrete and chipped or cracked tile.
  • Existing anti-slip tape or paint that is worn, damaged or smooth.
  • Areas that often become slippery in everyday conditions, or areas that are particularly worn and are thus prone to becoming hazardous when wetted or otherwise contaminated.
  • Unsuitable flooring for current use of area – certain flooring may or may not be adequate depending on the use of a particular area.