Cigarette Bins

Keep smoking areas clean, reduce maintenance costs and prevent littering around the workplace. 

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  1. smokers-ceasefire_bag
    Disposable Ceasefire Bucket Liner
    $110.66 $100.60
  2. smokers ceasefire
    Justrite™ Smoker's Ceasefire
    As low as $320.76 $291.60
  3. Bollard-ashtrays
    Smokers Bollard
    $641.25 $582.95
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Unlike small, cheap ashtrays that do little to remove smoking ash, our range of Cigarette Bins will guarantee that your workplace smoking areas and entrances are kept clean and litter-free.

The stylish and sleek design of our range allows smokers to easily and safely dispose of cigarette butts that will otherwise cause waste, pollution and disposal issues. Depending on the size requirements, we offer businesses various options including wall-mounted, pole-mounted and free-standing as well as specially designed disposal bucket liners.

Great for indoor and outdoor environments, including offices, retail locations, hospital foyers and other public areas.