Ensure the workplace is safe and accessible by all staff, customer and visitors. 

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Bronson Safety stock a range of General Access Ramps and Kerb Ramps that allow access for vehicles, pedestrians and wheelchairs. 

Kerb ramps are designed to provide vehicles and wheelchairs access to and from the footpath where a permanent solution is not available. These ramps are a perfect solution for temporary requirements such as festivals, events, roadworks or construction sites. Bronson Safety Kerb Ramps are manufactured from durable rubber or plastic, allowing them to withstand harsh Australian temperatures and weather. 

Access Ramps are ideal for hospitals, retail stores, aged facilities, schools or office buildings among other applications. These ramps are designed to provide access to pedestrians, wheelchairs, scooter or trolleys. Alternatively, these ramps can be placed in areas that feature a sudden and unmarked drop or change in height and is likely to present pedestrians with a trip hazard. Bronson Safety Access Ramps are manufactured from sturdy rubber and/or poly plastic to ensure they last under continued pressure, and do not crack or rot.