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Anti-Slip Tapes

Avoid dangerous and potentially expensive slips and falls on stairs, walkways, vehicles or work areas.

Anti-Slip Tapes
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  1. Yellow/Black Economy Anti-Slip Tapes
    Yellow/Black Economy Anti-Slip Tapes
    As low as $49.50 $45.00
  2. Black Economy Anti-Slip Tapes
    Black Economy Anti-Slip Tapes
    As low as $99.61 $90.55
  3. Yellow Economy Anti-Slip Tapes
    Yellow Economy Anti-Slip Tapes
    As low as $99.61 $90.55
  4. A0661-A0662
    Anti-Slip Tapes Clear

    Starting at $73.26 $66.60

  5. Tesa 56660 Premium Anti-Slip Tape
    Tesa® 56660 Premium Anti-Slip Tapes
    As low as $63.69 $57.90
  6. Premium Anti-Slip Conformable Tape
    Premium Anti-Slip Conformable Tapes
    As low as $124.58 $113.25
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6 Items

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Set Descending Direction

At Bronson Safety we stock a range of anti-slip tapes that are built to suit all your needs and application purposes. All Bronson Safety anti-slip tapes are of coarse structure, providing greater than standard anti-slip functionalities. 

Various applications of anti-slip tape include:

  • External & internal walkways,
  • External & internal stairways,
  • Boats,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Cars & other vehicles,
  • Restaurant kitchens,
  • Medical labs, and
  • Clean rooms.

Bronson Safety's range of Anti-Slip Tapes

  • Economy: This tape features a course surface that is perfect for areas subject to heavy traffic, liquid, grease or dirt exposure. When the backing is peeled off, this tape can be simply attached to any surface to provide greater grip. 
  • Clear: This range of tape is transparent and is designed to match the surface it is attached to. It will not greatly affect the aesthetic of an area but features a course surface and provides a high-quality grip during wet or greasy conditions. 
  • Premium: This quality tape blends heavy-duty aluminium oxide grit to PVC film, over a long-lasting acrylic adhesive for an extremely durable anti-slip surface. Offering easy application and strict quality control methods, this premium tape is perfect for indoor and outdoor use on stairs, floors, vehicle running boards, agricultural machinery and ladders.
  • Conformable: This tape features a soft and flexible aluminium backing that allows it to conform to any surface shape. Simply apply over an irregular surface such as metal plate, with gentle persuasion with a rubber mallet or pressure roller. Once this tape is applied to a surface, it will not revert back to its flat shape and will provide anti-slip surfacing for years.