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Guarantee that weather or seasonal changes won't affect your employees' productivity or comfort. 

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  1. Ultrasonic Heated Tunnel Jacket
    Ultrasonic Heated Tunnel Jacket
    As low as $247.06 $224.60
  2. Hi-Vis Essential 5-in-1 Jacket
    Hi-Vis Essential 5-in-1 Jacket
    As low as $139.65 $126.95
  3. Hi-Vis Extra Length Raincoat
    Hi-Vis Extra Length Raincoat
    As low as $59.24 $53.85
  4. Hi-Vis Venture Jacket
    Hi-Vis Venture Jacket
    As low as $230.34 $209.40
  5. Hi-Vis Transit Jacket
    Hi-Vis Transit Jacket
    As low as $130.79 $118.90
  6. Hi-Vis Polar Fleece Jumper
    Hi-Vis Polar Fleece Jumper
    As low as $49.12 $44.65
  7. Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket
    Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket
    As low as $103.35 $93.95
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Bronson Safety aims to provide our customers with a range of cold weather workwear that is comfortable and warm, while still providing a high safety standard and increasing productivity. Australian Winters frequently do not require full-day warm wear, so we have compiled a range that suits easy removability and functionality in this way. 

All products in the range have undergone thorough design processes and strict quality assurance testing. We source the best products so that our customers can stay safe and compliant with Australian laws and regulations. 

Bronson Safety High Visibility Workwear Meets Australian Standards.

Our range of general workwear and Hi-Vis Clothing undergo thorough and regulated testing procedures to ensure compliance. Bronson Safety's range of workwear complies with the following Australian Standards:

  • AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 - Specifies the visual requirements for High visibility safety garments, especially those used in high-risk applications. 
  • AS/NZS 4399: 2017 - Dictates procedures for determining the sun protection and performance of clothing items to ensure adequate levels of protection against solar UVR.   
  • AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 - Specifies the required properties for the manufacture of reflective tape and hi-vis materials intended for use in outdoor daytime, nighttime and other dark conditions. 
  • AS/NZS 1957:1998 - Indicates the requirements of care instructions for clothing labels etc. 

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