Caution and alert pedestrians and road users to potentially dangerous objects or situations.

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At Bronson Safety we carry a huge selection of safety tapes, including:


Barricade tapes: Perfect solution for blocking off hazards and alerting people to potentially dangerous situations. Special order barricade tapes are available for custom printing.

Reflective tapes: Used in warehouses, mining sites, car parks and many other situations where you need to draw attention to bollards, gates, vehicles.

Anti-slip tapes: Used on stairs and walk ways to reduce the incidence of slips, trips and falls.

Luminous tape: Vital for proper Fire/Emergency exit plans in case of internal light failure.


Not to mention flagging tape, aisle marking tape, packaging tapes, warning tapes and floor markers. If you’re unable to find exactly what you’re after, we offer custom printing on selected tape ranges.