Skateboard Deterrents

Deter skateboards from using public surfaces, protect against injury and reduce potential liability.

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Bronson Safety stock a range of skateboard deterrents to suit any area and requirements. 

Applications and benefits of Skateboard Deterrents:

  • Dissuade wheeled nuisances such as skateboards, skates and bicycles etc. from using public and private property. 
  • Are a cost-effective method for eliminating potential damage to planters, walls, benches and other architectural features.
  • Reduce any potential liability for property owners who may otherwise be responsible for any incurred damages, injuries or accidents. 
  • Eliminate noise pollution, crowds and other nuisances in public or private spaces. 

Skateboard Deterrents are available in a range of styles:

  • Square nosed edge skateboard deterrents
  • Bull nosed edge skateboard deterrents
  • Rectangle nosed skateboard deterrents
  • Fin skateboard deterrents
  • Dome (mushroom) knob skateboard deterrents
  • Cylindrical knob skateboard deterrents

All Bronson Safety Skateboard Deterrents are manufactured from high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel. This material is designed specifically to handle the impact force of wheeled skateboards.

For installation, Bronson Safety skateboard deterrents simply require a 6mm drill bit - This makes for a simple and easy task.