Dome Safety Mirrors

Detect and discourage shoplifters, or reduce accidents and collisions along hallways in the workplace. 

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Crystal View™ Dome Safety Mirrors distort the image further to provide a wider area of view (either 90°, 180° or 360°), due to this Dome Mirrors have a reduced viewing distance.

They are appropriate for indoor use only and have a number of applications for shopping centres, offices, hospitals and warehouses. All Bronson Safety dome mirrors are lightweight, easy to install and come with handy wall and ceiling mounting hardware.  

Dome Safety mirrors are available in three sizes:

  1.    Full dome - With a 360-degree view, this mirror is intended for placement on the ceiling in the centre of a room/workplace or at a 4-way intersection. 
  2.    Half dome - With a 180-degree view, this mirror can be mounted on against a ceiling, wall or shelf - Perfect for a T-Intersection in any indoor setting (3-way intersection). 
  3.    Quarter dome - With a 90-degree view, this mirror can be mounted in the corner of a wall/ceiling or on an appropriate shelf - Perfect for tight corners or cramped spaces. 

HOT TIP: Before selecting a dome mirror, make sure you know the intended viewing distance and placement for the mirror (e.g. hallway or shelf). Knowing these factors will help to choose the ideal size and shape for your dome mirror. If you're unsure, contact our friendly team on 1300 095 701 or use the 'Help' button on the left of your screen to live chat with us.