Maintcomm™ Adelaide

Maintcomm have been operating for almost 21 years. Our specialties include custom signage, maintenance and refurbishment of products, among other things. We distribute all over Australia, but our headquarters and warehouse are located in Adelaide.

I first started ordering from Bronson Safety about 8 or 9 years ago now. When it comes to Bronson, it’s not a factor of what do I like, it’s a factor of what’s not to like. The people in the sales team are fantastic – They even anticipate what I am after before I ask for it. It’s at the point now where I can just pick up the phone and have a good chat or I send through a quick email – it’s so easy and simple.

The products that Bronson Safety stock are reliable and always consistently high quality, it is just great. It is not a headache dealing with Bronson, as it often is with other suppliers. It’s so easy – nothing short of brilliant. They may be located in another city, but they ship the products we order extremely quickly and we’ve never had a problem with shipping. Delivery is spot on, every time. Bronson Safety make us look good, and we really appreciate that.

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Citi Industries Brisbane

Citi Industries is an Australian company who offer a diverse range of products, design and installation services for a range of industries. We have over 20 years of experience, and have been a repeat customer at Bronson Safety for the past 5 years. One of the major services that we provide is the installation of car park safety equipment, such as speed humps.

Bronson Safety are our primary supplier of speed humps and other car park safety equipment. I continue to buy from Bronson as I find their service to be good and the proximity of their business is close. Citi Industries purchase around weekly to monthly from Bronson, and I appreciate that Bronson Safety support us as an approved installer.

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Silverback Cargo Equipment Australia

Silverback Cargo Equipment is a transport, logistics and warehousing company operating in four cities across Australia. Silverback have been a customer with Bronson Safety for approx 4 years now. We order from them around 2 or 3 times per month and are happy every time. The products we purchase primarily include PPE and Signage. We’re a repeat buyer for two main reasons. Firstly, is the friendly staff, and second is the extremely prompt service. Whenever we need anything, the team are just straight onto it!

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Iona College Brisbane

As head of Operations and Maintenance at Iona College, I have been a repeat customer with Bronson safety for 6 years now. Iona College is an education facility with over 1500 students. We purchase from Bronson Safety approximately once a month. We commonly purchase compliance products and workplace health and safety equipment, and have found that the products are of consistently high quality. We continue to buy from Bronson over other competitor brands because of the staff who work for Bronson. They are really helpful and friendly, and have good knowledge in the products they sell.

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At GrainCorp we import and export commodities like grain, meal and fertiliser as well as providing logistics. I work at the Port of Brisbane location, but the company distributes and operates all over Australia. GrainCorp have been purchasing from Bronson since 2011 and we are very happy with everything. The best part about Bronson is their staff - The sales ladies all know me by name now and I know them, which is not something you get everywhere.

I go in to the store in Hemmant to pick up my orders and I always enjoy that part of it. They always have what I’m after even if I didn’t order ahead. Usually we order customised products like signs and what not, and I can say I really like the quality of everything, and it’s always up to date. Would highly recommend Bronson Safety.

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Statewide Sign Installations

At Statewide Sign Installations we primarily specialise in roadside installations of signs and road calming devices, among other services. I have been a customer of Bronson for 10 months now. We source a range of our road signs, road calming devices, safety mirrors, temporary signs, sockets and other safety gear from Bronson Safety.

The best part about Bronson is the people in sales! Love them all, and I know them by name now. They’re professional and always willing to go the extra mile for me. I’ve never had any problems with Bronson Safety. They make my life a whole lot easier, which is very important. The sales team at Bronson Safety refer us (Statewide Sign Installations) to their other customers who are looking for installers and other services, and I really appreciate that. It’s a credit to Bronson safety for having such a great team.

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