Face Masks and Respirators

Prevent harmful exposure to dangerous particles, dust and vapours etc. in the workplace. 

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    Fabric Face Mask White
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  4. Advantage Respirator Filters
    Advantage Respirator Filters

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Varying levels of breathing protection are required in a number of workplaces in Australia. For example, an employee will require breathing protection when a workplace contains harmful dusts, fumes, powders, gasses or insufficient oxygen levels. All breathing protection products sold at Bronson Safety comply with Australian Standard AS1716:2012. 

Breathing protection includes dust masks (reusable or disposable) and half-face or full-face respirators. Additionally, different filters (Classes) may be used to protect against varying substances, from Particulates (P Class) to Gasses and/or Vapours (A Class, B Class, E Class, G Class K Class, AX Class, NO Class, Hg Class or MB Class). Before purchasing, read product filter classification carefully to ensure adequate level of substance protection is provided. 

The three classes of particulate breathing protection are:

  • P1 (offers moderate protection - dust mask - for use against mechanically generated particles);
  • P2 (offers high protection - dust mask or respirator - for use against mechanically and thermally generated particles), and;
  • P3 (offers highest protection - respirator only - for use against all particles including highly toxic materials).

Please note, respirators are NOT a substitute for appropriate workplace health and safety controls and effective engineering.