Protect flooring, reduce maintenance costs and ensure user comfort and general workplace safety. 

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  1. Ultra Stand Mats
    Ultra Stand Mats
    As low as $323.84 $294.40
  2. Safety Cushion Wet Area Mats
    Safety Cushion Wet Area Mats
    As low as $52.20 $47.45
  3. Comfort Clean Wet Area Mat - Black
    Comfort Clean Wet Area Mats - Black
    As low as $170.01 $154.55
  4. Tube Safe Matting
    Tube Safe Matting
    As low as $109.95 $99.95
  5. Bath/Shower Mats
    Bath/Shower Mats
    $19.58 $17.80
  6. Tacky Mat
    Tacky Mats
    As low as $109.95 $99.95
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Bronson Safety offers a range of anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip mats, entrance mats and wet area mats suitable for all applications and environments. 

Types of Safety Matting and Applications:

  • Anti-Slip Mats – Wet and slippery conditions.
  • Wet Area/Grease Mats – Areas exposed to liquids, oils and grease, cutting fluids and harsh volatile chemicals.
  • Anti-Fatigue Mats – Workbenches, machinery, packing and sorting, dispatch, kitchens and laboratories.
  • Entrance Mats – Factory/warehouse, offices, main entrances and busy walkways.

Workplace Health & Safety is a paramount in businesses and organisations, especially in the public arena. Business owners (PCBU's) must do all they can to ensure the wellbeing of both their staff and visitors, by providing suitable floor protection. To prevent tripping hazards, and to draw attention to the fact a mat is present, Bronson Safety recommends the use either safety bevelled edges and/or yellow safety borders.