The Tensator Brand

Tensator® is the inventor of a world-leading retractable belt barrier, the Tensabarrier®.  Tensator is a UK based business that has been developing unique crowd management solutions since 1881. The Tensabarrier® is recommended by Bronson Safety as a high quality, tough and long lasting solution for Queue Management and Crowd Control. Tensabarrier® retractable stanchions allow you to enhance space, reduce risk and improve productivity. There are many cheap copycat versions of the Tensabarrier product on the market but nothing comes close to the long life and toughness of Tensator products. 

Need more reasons to choose Tensator®? Here's 5...

  1. Speeds customer traffic in busy thoroughfares
  2. Boosts productivity and operational efficiency when dealing with large crowds.
  3. Reduces customer waiting times and queue frustrations or confusions.
  4. Increases satisfaction levels and improve customer retention rates.
  5. High quality construction means significantly longer life span of your barriers


5 Reasons to buy Tensator® barriers


At Tensator®, safety is taken seriously. Unlike other retractable stanchions, the Tensabarrier® has a patented braking system that incorporates twin brake shoes. As a result, the webbing falls to the floor upon release before slowly retracting back into the stanchion. This originally patented braking system makes the Tensabarrier® the safest belt barrier available on the market. Every cassette is fitted with a unique braking system on the market the webbing retracts 2.5 seconds slower than its closest competitor; making it the safest solution for your customers.


Other competitors offer longer belts, but this is only made possible by using thinner webbing, most commonly of lower grade, while keeping the same diameter post. For as long as the post diameters remain the same, longer belts always mean poorer quality webbing, which wear far less well than Tensator’s thicker, better quality material.



Made from 0.89mm military grade fabric, the Tensabarrier® belts are significantly thicker than other retractable stanchions, meaning it is less likely to suffer from degradation over time. Unlike competitor products the thread on the belts will not unravel if cut. Tensator’s digital dye printed webbing offers a higher quality print.


The Tensabarrier® has been designed and refined over its lifetime to ensure it is at the optimum height. At 970mm / 38” tall, it is deliberately shorter than competitor products to prevent people going under or over it. The Tensabarrier® is harder to knock over as it has a lower centre of gravity and is less likely to catch on clothing or bags.


The Tensabarrier® steel post offers flexibility in terms of colours and finishes – something that is limited when purchasing an aluminium post from competitors. The Tensabarrier® post material at 1.5mm is thicker than competitor products at 1.1mm, making it a harder wearing product than cheaper alternatives and less likely to get damaged.

Huge Range of Products for any Situation

Bronson Safety is an authorised Australian distributor of Tensator®. 

At Bronson Safety we stock a wide range of Tensabarrier® solutions, including wall mount and pole mount barriers. We believe that choosing the right barrier for the job shouldn't be a hassle, so we've compiled this information to help our customer's make educated choices when choosing the barrier for their needs. 


Wall Mount Barriers

Tensabarrier magnetic wall mounts are the perfect solution when you want a flexible barrier solution that can be reused and easily moved. Quick and easy to install, the magnetic wall mount is the ideal solution to restrict access to areas or highlight hazards.

Tensabarrier wall mounted units are the perfect solution when you want a flexible retractable barrier without taking up any floor space.

Post Mount Barriers

The Advance Tensabarrier has a contemporary design, bring simple elegance to retractable barrier solutions. This stanchion is suitable for indoor use and comes in silver or black colour. 

Lightweight when empty for easy transportation, the Outdoor Tensabarrier is quick and easy to assemble. Once assembled, fill the plastic base with water for stability. 

This utility barrier is a rugged retractable stanchion available in yellow and orange. Recommended for outdoor use, the plastic post is detachable from the recycled rubber stackable base for easy transportation and storage.

Specialty Barrier Systems

Quick and easy to set-up, the APG system saves operators time and money by requiring only one person to operate and allowing up to 23 metres of webbing in two directions. 

The 970 XL Wall Unit offers the longest webbing length of up to 23 metres available in a wall-mounted barrier. The unique product features a robust design and includes Tensator’s NightView™ reflective webbing for enhanced vision to withstand the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions. 

Tensator® Top Picks & Exclusive Discounts

  1. Tensator® 970 XL Wall Unit
    Tensator® 970 XL Wall Unit
    SKU: A5391
    $1,176.56 $1,069.60
  2. Tensator® APG System
    Tensator® APG System
    SKU: A5390
    $2,814.02 $2,558.20