Drug & Alcohol Testing

Accurately and efficiently determine an individual's drug and alcohol intoxication levels.

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    AL6000 Professional Breathalyser

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    AlcoSense Prodigy S Breathalyser

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Many professionals rely on breath alcohol testing devices such as the breathalyser to determine the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of workers and/or vehicle drivers. At Bronson Safety, we have taken the time to choose a range of the highest quality breathalysers for everyday and professional use. 

Breath testing in an Australian workplace is a heavily restricted field. Specific circumstances are required to be met under the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation for an employer to legally conduct workplace breath testing of any kind. Before purchasing any Bronson Safety products, ensure that you have consulted the relevant Workplace Health and Safety Laws and Regulations in your State or Territory, to ensure compliance. We recommend Safe Work Australia as an initial platform to begin this enquiry.