Underground Warning Tapes

Bring buried services or mains pipes to the attention of contractors and excavators working on a site.

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Underground Warning Tape is designed to be buried a certain level above services or main pipes, provide visual warning during excavation. They are printed in bright colours and feature warnings to call attention buried utilities. 

NOTE: These tapes are for warning purposes only and will not offer any protection or resistance should excavation be continued.

They are available in two forms:

  • Non-detectable - Identifies the type of utility line buried below using a printed legend and an appropriate utility colour.
  • Detectable - Includes a thin wire through the length of the tape. These tapes are manufactured in bright colours to ensure maximum visibility.

Common Applications Include:

  • Underground electric cables,
  • Telecoms and fibre optic cables,
  • Gas pipelines,
  • Water pipelines,
  • Sewer pipelines.