Height Safety

Secure the highest quality safety equipment and manage the risks associated with height-related work.

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Working at heights is an extremely high-risk activity.

Height-related work is a leading cause of serious injury and death in Australia, with a majority of fatalities occurring in the construction industry. It’s inevitable that workers will be exposed to these risks on a daily basis, which emphasises the importance of building a height safety culture in the Australian workforce.

If the correct height safety practices are not researched thoroughly and incorporated by an experienced height safety expert, fall-related fatalities and injuries will be an ongoing concern in Australia. The proper use of height safety equipment correctly maintained height safety systems and an overall safe working environment will save lives.

Regardless of the industry, adequate height safety practices are required for any work that involves heights. Assessing the risks and identifying the appropriate safety equipment and practices should be mandatory in every workplace.

At Bronson Safety, our range of Height Safety devices are of exceptionally high quality, and are chosen for their compliance to relevant Australian Standard AS/NZS 1891.4.