Head Protection and Hard Hats

Reinforce workplace safety measures to ensure that all staff are safe against risks and dangers.

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  1. V-Gard™ Pre-Printed Hard Hat
    V-Gard® Pre-Printed Hard Hat
    As low as $29.43 $26.75
  2. Bump Cap
    Bump Cap
    As low as $33.83 $30.75
  3. LED Headlight Beanie
    LED Headlight Beanie
    As low as $18.04 $16.40
  4. Knit Beanie
    Knit Beanie
    As low as $7.70 $7.00
  5. Hi-Vis Hat
    Hi-Vis Hat
    As low as $19.58 $17.80
  6. V-Gard™ Un-Vented Hard Hat
    V-Gard® Un-Vented Hard Hat
    As low as $19.58 $17.80
  7. msa-v-gard-hard-hat
    V-Gard® Advance Vented Hard Hat
    As low as $23.54 $21.40
  8. Hard Hat Holder
    Hard Hat Holder
    $19.58 $17.80
Peltor™ Lumberjack
    Peltor™ Lumberjack Hard Hat System
    $138.11 $125.55
  10. intrinsically-safe-torch-Hard-Hat
    Hard Hat Torch Attachment (Slot)
    $39.22 $35.65
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Australian Standard AS/NZS 1900-1998 'Occupational protective helmets - Selection, care and use' indicates the importance of choosing an appropriate hat or helmet for the workplace.

Hard hats are required to resist penetration by objects, absorb the shock from a blow to the head by an object, be slow to burn and be water-resistant. A hard hat should be worn in any workplace where an individual may:

  • Be struck on the head by a falling object.
  • Strike his/her head against a fixed object.
  • Inadvertently come into contact with electrical hazards.

All safety helmet components and accessories should be visually inspected prior to use by the wearer for signs of dents, cracks, penetration or other damage due to impact, rough treatment or unauthorised alterations which could reduce the degree of safety provided.

Helmets showing damage or deterioration to the shell should be immediately withdrawn from service and discarded (completely destroyed). Helmets with sound shells but with damaged or defective harness components should be withdrawn from service and the complete harness and cradle replaced.