Protect property, workers and pedestrians around work areas, storefronts and roadsides. 

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  1. T Top Bollard Chain Connector
    T Top Bollard Chain Connector
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Bollards offer everyday workplaces additional safety and security in storefronts, car parks, warehouses and other facilities. Various applications include designating vehicle routs marking pedestrian walkway routes and crossings, protecting assets and sectioning parking areas.

Traffic bollards guide vehicle traffic in clear directions while allowing pedestrian access. These may guide vehicles by creating roadway demarcation or prevent access to restricted areas such as public spaces, bike lanes and traffic islands.

Construction Bollards are generally temporary and are used in construction zones to define and protect the work area and assets. These bollards are frequently brightly coloured and plastic with varying levels of flexibility.

Bronson Safety stock a wide range of high quality, affordable surface mount, in-ground, fold down and removable bollards. Depending on your workplace requirements, Bronson Safety offers Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel, Powder Coated or Polyurethane bollards.