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Protect against workplace risks and hazards and prevent employee injury and illness. 

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  1. Single Strap Wrist Support
    Single Strap Wrist Support
    As low as $10.89 $9.90
  2. Gel Foam Knee Pad
    Gel Foam Knee Pad
    $108.24 $98.40
  3. Rounded Cap Knee Pads
    Rounded Cap Knee Pads
    $54.67 $49.70
  4. Weight Lifters Style Back Support
    Weight Lifters Style Back Support
    As low as $82.61 $75.10
  5. Economy Hi-Vis Back Support
    Economy Back Support
    As low as $53.46 $48.60
  6. ProFlex® 390 Kneeling Pad
    ProFlex® 390 Kneeling Pad
    $176.99 $160.90
ProFlex® 385 Kneeling Pad
    ProFlex® 385 Kneeling Pad
    $136.18 $123.80
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Ergonomic Hazards can exist in most industries, as a result of various activities and causes, including: 

  • Repetitive Movements,
  • Manual handling (pushing, pulling, carrying or lifting etc.),
  • Workplace design,
  • Job or task design,
  • Uncomfortable heights,
  • Poor position of the body.

Providing ergonomics such as kneeling pads, back support, knee support, wraps and sleeves is an important part of a PCBU's workplace health and safety responsibility. At Bronson Safety we provide a range of high-quality ergonomics that aim to reduce musculoskeletal injuries resulting from hazardous manual tasks.

It is recommended that in addition to providing physical ergonomic supports, a company may consider implementing any of the following changes:

  • Modify existing equipment.
  • Make changes in work practices.
  • Purchase new tools or devices to assist with hazardous processes. 
  • Eliminate unnecessary movements.
  • Reduce physical demand.