Flagging Tapes

Designate boundaries of land intended for a specific purpose while surveying or trail marking.

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  1. Flagging Tape
    Survey Flagging Tapes 25mm x 100m Roll
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Bronson Safety's range of flagging tape is extremely long-lasting and high quality. Available in a huge range of UV stabilised colours, all flagging tape is hand tearable for ease of use. 

Various applications of Flagging Tape:

  • Surveying - Used to designate boundaries of land intended for a specific purpose. These markers will often remain in place for long periods of time, making Bronson Safety flagging tape a perfect option. 
  • Forestry - Used to mark trees for numerous purposes including to mark unhealthy trees, trees marked for logging, indicate habitats, point out hidden dangers, or to mark trails and other points of interest for hikers or visitors etc. 
  • Disasters - Used by emergency crews and first responders to relay important information to other crew members. Different colours are used to indicate different signals and can be extremely effective. 
  • Mining - Used to mark reference points and identify drill holes, among other applications. 
  • Hospitals - Used to mark hospital equipment and medications to instil order in often busy environments. 
  • Fire Suppression - Used to indicate a trail for the purposes of finding the fire site and safely navigating to and from the area for all involved.