Evacuation Alert & Smoke Alarms

Detect smoking in banned areas, and warn building occupants in an emergency or drill situation.

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  1. 9V Stand Alone Emergency Alarm
    9V Stand Alone Emergency Alarm
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  2. fire-warden-kit
    Fire Warden Kit
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  3. megaphone
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  4. disposable-air-horn
    Disposable Air Horn

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  5. rechargeable-air-horn
    Rechargable Air Horn
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  6. evacuation-alert-megaphone
    Evacuation Alert Megaphone
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An effective warning system to aid safe evacuation does not need to be complicated or expensive. Our range of Mobile and Fixed Alert and Alarm Systems are perfect to suit any workplace setting.

Bronson Safety's range of Evacuation Alert Systems includes a range of megaphones and pressurised Air Horns.

Air Horns:

Depending on your needs, we offer both disposable or rechargeable air horns. Air horns are non-toxic and very easy use, no special training required. These hand-held air horns are perfect for use in conjunction with smoke alarms, to warn others about hazards in emergencies and building evacuations. The emergency horn is an inexpensive method of alerting people in the vicinity of danger. These horns deliver a high pitch sound that is audible at long distances.


Under Australian Workplace Health and Safety laws, an employer is required to implement emergency precedures and systems in the workplace. For example, complete drills, create clear methods of communications, ensure emergency evacuation exits and assembly points are clearly signed and labelled. Megaphones are a great tool for allowing Fire Wardens to communicate with others in the workplace, with little effort and maximum efficiency. In the event of an emergency, the use of a megaphone can greatly affect the outcomes by helping to ensure the safety of all employees. 

In a fire emergency, a few seconds can save the lives of many.  

All businesses should be aware of the fire risks associated with their premises. It is important that actions are taken to not only prevent fires but to ensure that adequate precautions are in place to alert personnel in the event of a fire.

The majority of Australian States and Territories (with the exception of ACT), legally require working fire alarms to be present in all residential homes and buildings. In Queensland and a number of other states, all newly fitted fire alarms are required to be photoelectric smoke alarms. In areas where these alarms are not required, they are highly recommended by the Governing body for their reliability and accuracy

What are photoelectric smoke alarms?

Photoelectric smoke alarms are a relatively new design, as opposed to Ionised smoke alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms are better at detecting smoke than ionised alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms are able to sense small amounts of smoke produced by smouldering fires before a larger flame is able to take hold. This allows faster 

Who's responsible for installing and maintaining fire alarms?

This responsibility changes depending on the State or Territory of residence. As a general rule, it is more likely that the landlord will be responsible for installing, maintaining and replacing smoke alarms. For the safety of all, we recommend that it should be a joint effort between the landlord and the tenants (in the case that these parties are separate) to ensure that the alarms are in working order and are regularly tested. 

** This information is intended as an initial aid only. Please ensure that you consult your respective Government bodies to confirm the Laws and Regulations associated with fire alarms.