Lighting & Electrical

Illuminate otherwise hazardous workplace conditions, important signage and equipment. 

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  1. EFlare Portable Beacon
    EFlare Portable Beacon

    $73.26 $66.60

  2. EFlare Portable Beacon
    EFlare Cone Mount Clip
    $8.64 $7.85
  3. EFlare Portable Beacon
    EFlare Rubber Base
    $9.08 $8.25
  4. Warning Triangle Kit
    Warning Triangle Kit
    $102.08 $92.80
  5. Atomic Vehicle Rotating Light
    Atomic Vehicle Rotating Light

    From $157.85 $143.50

  6. Lead Hook
    Lead Hook
    $6.49 $5.90
  7. Electrical Lead Stand
    Electrical Lead Stand
    $182.60 $166.00
  8. Tactical Torch (180 Lumens)
    Tactical Torch
    $26.18 $23.80
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Poor lighting and/or the lack of emergency lighting and illuminated signage in or around the workplace can lead to serious hazards and subsequent incidents. These incidents could affect both workers and others.

Various Australian Standards and WHS Regulations dictate the importance of effective electrical equipment and lighting precautions in all workplaces. Lighting systems should be considered in any workplace, to adequately perform such tasks as:

  • Accommodating all likely and unlikely work activities.
  • Ensuring the safety of people so that hazards are visible and well lit.
  • Creating a suitably lit work environment.
  • Providing a safe and comfortable visual environment for all workers and visitors.