Traffic Cones

Re-direct traffic, section off areas or provide advance warning of oncoming hazards and dangers. 

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  1. Yellow Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    Yellow Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    As low as $22.99 $20.90
  2. White Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    White Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    As low as $36.19 $32.90
  3. Orange Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    Orange Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
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  4. Lime Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    Lime Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    As low as $22.99 $20.90
  5. Blue Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    Blue Bulldog™ Traffic Cones
    As low as $22.99 $20.90
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Traffic Cones create separation, section off hazardous areas or merge lanes during road construction projects. As temporary fixtures, traffic cones are often lightweight, colourful and not intended to withstand a collision. Colours include Orange (most common), Yellow, White, Blue or Green.

Cones can be utilised for indoor and outdoor purposes, during both day and night. However, to comply with relevant Australian Standard 1742.3 Section 3.9.1, traffic cones require a reflective sleeve to be used in dark areas or during the evening. 

Common heights of Australian traffic cones include 300mm, 450mm, 700mm and 900mm. Sizes 300mm and 450mm are suitable for low-speed vehicle areas, urban and rural roads. In comparison, large cones of 700mm to 900mm are suitable for high-speed roadways such highways, freeways and raceways.