Fire & Emergency

Be prepared for any emergency - prevent, protect and reduce.

Fire & Emergency
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  1. Fire Hydrant & Hose Cabinet
    Fire Hydrant & Hose Cabinet
    $797.23 $724.75
  2. Fire Hose Reel Cabinet Metal
    Fire Hose Reel Cabinet Metal
    $797.23 $724.75
  3. 9V Stand Alone Emergency Alarm
    9V Stand Alone Emergency Alarm
    $333.69 $303.35
  4. EFlare Portable Beacon
    EFlare Portable Beacon

    $73.26 $66.60

  5. EFlare Portable Beacon
    EFlare Cone Mount Clip
    $8.64 $7.85
  6. EFlare Portable Beacon
    EFlare Rubber Base
    $9.08 $8.25
  7. Warning Triangle Kit
    Warning Triangle Kit
    $102.08 $92.80
  8. Atomic Vehicle Rotating Light
    Atomic Vehicle Rotating Light

    From $157.85 $143.50

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  1. fire-warden-kit
    Fire Warden Kit
    SKU: A5422
    $589.11 $535.55
  2. 1.8-x-1.8-Fire-Blanket
    Fire blanket 1.8m x 1.8m
    SKU: A0915
    $97.63 $88.75
  3. 4.5kg-abe-dry-fire-extinguishers
    4.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher
    SKU: A0256
    $144.71 $131.55

Bronson Safety offer a range of fire safety devices including Fire Blankets, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Warden Equipment, Hose Reels, Smoke Alarms, Emergency Exit Tapes and Signs and Cigarette bins and signs.

Fire Protection in Australia is extremely important due to the severity of risk. All businesses are expected to operate in accordance with all applicable Australian Standards (all or some of the following: AS 1670, AS 1841, AS 1851, AS 2293, AS 2118, AS 3745, AS 2444, AS 4655 and/or AS 5062) and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Laws depending on the state or territory of business residence.

If you are unsure which fire equipment is required in your workplace, give us a call on 1300 095 701.