First Aid Supplies

Equip your workplace with the best tools to minimise injury in an emergency situation.
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At Bronson Safety we stock a huge range of First Aid kits to suit various injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

All first aid kits are compliant with National OHS regulations and TGI (Therapeutic Goods Act). As an employer, it is your responsibility to comply with Australian Duty of Care regulations - having the correct kit for your workplace. 

This table will help you choose the right kit:

Type of Kit


Number of Employees

Construction sites with more than 25 employees, or any other business with more than 100 employees.

Type of Kit


Number of Employees

Construction sites with less than 25 employees, or any other business with between 10-99 employees.

Type of Kit


Number of Employees

Any business (other than construction sites) with less than 10 employees.

We understand that Australia is a unique environment. Australian workers require the highest quality first aid supplies. These can include burn kits, snake bite kits, and voltage rescue kits. Industry-specific kits include mine vehicle first aid kits, and Class A, Class B and Class C first aid kits.

Our kits come in all sizes, from mini-packs to large, complex kits. We offer a range of portable and non-portable kits, as well as vehicle-specific kits. As additional extras, our range also includes first aid injury logbooks, binders, torches, sunscreen, insect repellant, and torches.