Communicate directions and other important messages on workplace clothing or packaging. 

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  1. Supplementary Pipe Markers
    Supplementary Pipe Markers
    As low as $39.33 $35.75
  2. Fire Pipe Markers
    Fire Pipe Markers
    As low as $46.15 $41.95
  3. Air Pipe Markers
    Air Pipe Markers
    As low as $46.15 $41.95
  4. Misc Pipe Markers
    Misc Pipe Markers
    As low as $46.15 $41.95
  5. Steam Pipe Markers
    Steam Pipe Markers
    As low as $46.15 $41.95
  6. Oils Pipe Markers
    Oils Pipe Markers
    As low as $46.15 $41.95
  7. Acid Pipe Markers
    Acid Pipe Markers
    As low as $46.15 $41.95
  8. Gases Pipe Markers
    Gases Pipe Markers
    As low as $46.15 $41.95
  9. Hard Hat Labels
    First Aid Symbol - Hard Hat Labels
    $27.56 $25.05
  10. Hi-Vis Reflective Numbers 0-9
    Hi-Vis Reflective Numbers 0-9
    As low as $1.32 $1.20
  11. Hi-Vis Reflective Letters A-Z
    Hi-Vis Reflective Letters A-Z
    As low as $1.32 $1.20
  12. Urgent - Labels-On-Roll
    Urgent - Labels-On-Roll
    $28.05 $25.50
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Labels are an effective measure to indicate product contents, weight, warnings or even to identify visitors or employees. In many cases, labels are required under Australian Workplace Health and Safety Laws. 

Property Identification Labels attach to physical property (i.e. computers, printers, electronic devices, machinery, desks, etc.) to enable asset management, protect against loss and theft, provide for maintenance tracking, and to facilitate insurance claims. Bronson Safety provides many types of serialised and bar-coded Property ID labels:

  • Anodised aluminium, our most popular material, offers long-term durability at a reasonable cost.
  • Polyester and paper labels are options when flexibility and conductivity are a consideration.
  • For added security, destructible vinyl labels are virtually impossible to remove in one piece and void tamper-evident labels cannot be removed without leaving a traceable mark.