Lockout Tagout

Ensure that dangerous machinery is secured and accessible by authorised personnel only.  

Lockout Tagout
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All Bronson Safety Lockout Tagout machinery comply with Australian Standard AS 4024.1603 (Safety for Machinery – prevention of unexpected start-up) and Work health and Safety Regulations 2011, Part 4.7 pertaining to Electrical Safety and Energised Electrical Work.

The process of placing machinery and equipment on lockout tagout is systematic. It is important for ensuring the safety of employees, where dangerous or hazardous energy sources are present.

Proper lockout tagout practices ensure that only specifically identified personnel (including engineers or electricians) with correct maintenance and technical training backgrounds are able to approach and service lockout tagout machinery and equipment.

Bronson Safety offer a range of Electrical Safety, Inspection Tags, Lockout Devices and Safety Padlocks. In addition to the use of such lockout tagout devices, it is important that each workplace develop their own isolation procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness.