Cable Protectors

Protect important cables and cords, and reduce dangerous trip hazards in the workplace.
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Trailing Cables and Cords are the second highest cause of trips and falls in Australian Workplaces. Due to the frequently small size and dull colours, cords, cables and hoses often go unnoticed. Uncovered cables and wires that are connected to electricity or other energy forms are also capable of causing electric shocks, fires and other dangerous hazards. 

Cables, cords, hoses and wires are found in numerous workplaces, including offices, construction sites, warehouses, events, commercial kitchens, outdoor areas and roadside works.

Due to the variety of risks associated with cables, Bronson Safety offers a range of Cable Protectors to suit indoor and outdoor applications. These include carpet or tile applications, heavy pedestrian specific applications or outdoor specific heavy duty applications. We recommend reading the product specifications closely prior to purchasing.