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Traffic Signs

Ensure effective communication of oncoming hazards and directions in vehicle traffic situations.

Traffic Signs
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Top 5 trouble spots in car parks

Stop and Give Way SignsStop and Give Way Signs are required where an access driveway meets a frontage roadway where there is no traffic signals or within a carpark at any intersecting roadway at which hazards could arise if traffic ‘right of way’ is not assigned.

Speed Limit Signs Speed Limit Signs may be used to indicate the desired speed limit within a car park. The limit should approximate the average speed of drivers using the car park while also not being set unrealistically slow. To control excessive speeds Traffic Management devices such as Speed Humps should be used.

Pedestrian Crossing Signs The Pedestrian Crossing Sign shall be used at or in the immediate vicinity of a Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra Crossing). Signs are to be erected on both sides of the roadway facing the approaching vehicles.

Shared Zone Signs:  Shared Zone Signs are used specifically in areas where there is competing demands of pedestrians and vehicles which require a form of control which allows mobility whilst at the same time enhancing pedestrian safety. A Shared Zone Speed Limit of 10 km/h is usually considered appropriate.

Speed Hump Signs:  This sign is used at a speed hump to indicate the upcoming hazard. They are also used if there is some doubt as to whether the hump will be visible in time for a driver to adequately slow down to negotiate it.


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