Work Zone

Ensure the Work Zone remains hazard free and safe to workers and pedestrians. 

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Work zones change the kerbside allocation to allow a construction site to have dedicated space to stand vehicles. Creating a safe and compliant work zone is important not only for workers and employees but also for all visitors and surrounding vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Following identification and assessment of the various risks in such a work zone, these products are available as control measures to eliminate and reduce all risks. 

To suit our customer's varying requirements for work zones around Australia, we provide the following quality products:

  • Vehicle Safety: Ensure the safety of vehicles, vehicle drivers and others when manoeuvering, reversing, arriving or departing around/to/from a worksite. Thie range of vehicle safety products increases safety measures for those who work with, or near vehicles and mobile plants. For example cars, vans, forklifts, trucks, semitrailers, trailers, tractors, loaders, buses and utilities. Bronson Safety also stocks a range of vehicle flags, wheel nut indicators and warning triangles that ensure compliance with Australian Standards and State-specific laws for all commercial vehicles.
  • Temporary Walkways & Trench Covers: Provide a highly versatile and safe means of passage, designed for covering apertures, bores or trenches during maintenance, construction and repair projects. Bronson Safety trench covers and temporary walkways allow for secure access over and around work sites for both pedestrians and light vehicles.
  • Kerb Ramps: Make navigating a work zone a simple and safe task for all pedestrians, including those with wheelchairs, prams or other mobility-reducing requirements. These ramps are ideal for work sites as they are easy to maneuver to suit changing requirements, and are lightweight to allow simple movement and placement. Unlike other kerb ramps, these ramps will suit a range of kerb sizes and do not need to be measured or specially ordered.
  • Road Safety & Lighting: Provide a bright and highly visible work area despite location or time of day. Bronson Safety's range of road safety and lighting devices include vehicle and traffic warning lights, torches, strobe wands, flares delineators, battons and other pedestrian safety devices.