Safety Mirrors

Eliminate dangerous and hazardous blind spots in your workplace. 

Safety Mirrors
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Bronson Safety is your one-stop shop for Safety Mirrors!

We stock a wide range of Crystal View™ Convex, Dome and Specialty Safety Mirrors in a number of shapes and sizes. Their uses include:

Convex Safety Mirrors: Indoor and Outdoor Applications with moderate to low amount of distortion. A Convex Safety Mirror is designed to provide low levels of distortion, making it suitable for use on roads and in areas where image distortion may be hazardous (e.g. roads, car parks, warehouses). For more information on convex mirrors, click here

Dome Safety Mirrors: Indoor Applications with higher levels of distortion. Dome Safety Mirrors distort the image further to provide a wider area of view (either 90°, 180° or 360°), due to this Dome Mirrors have a reduced viewing distance. They are appropriate for indoor use only and have a number of applications for shopping centres, offices, hospitals and warehouses. For more information on dome mirrors, click here

Flat Safety Mirrors: These flat acrylic mirrors are perfect for any industrial application where accurate depth perception is needed or employees need a clear, undistorted view of themselves or their working environment. Mirrors can be fixed to doors, walls and other flat surfaces using glue or double sided tape. Popular uses include final checking for appropriate PPE usage such as head protection or hair nets in food processing environments.  For more information on flat safety mirrors, click here.

Convex Inspection Mirrors: These safety mirrors utilise convex mirror technology to inspect and search the underside of vehicles and other objects. General uses include inspection for bio security hazards, hidden explosives, drugs, weapons or even stowaways. For more information on inspection safety mirrors, click here.