Protect highly valuable property or safely secure dangerous equipment around the workplace.

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  1. Adjustable Lockout Cable (Pack of 4)
    Adjustable Lockout Cable
    $92.79 $84.35
High Security Combination Lock
    High Security Combination Lock
    $65.23 $59.30
  3. Combination Lock
    Combination Lock
    $23.21 $21.10
  4. Photo Identification Labels
    Photo Identification Labels
    $17.82 $16.20
  5. Compact Zenex Safety Lockout Padlock
    Compact Zenex Safety Lockout Padlock
    As low as $53.24 $48.40
  6. Non-Conductive Zenex Safety Lockout Padlocks
    Non-Conductive Zenex Safety Lockout Padlocks
    As low as $56.16 $51.05
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Bronson Safety offers a variety of safety padlocks for multiple different lockout applications. These include combination locks, key-alike and key-different padlocks, all specifically designed for Australian workplaces. 

Keying Options Explained:

Keyed Different (KD): Each lock is opened by its own unique key that does not open any other lock in the set. This is the standard keying on all Safety Products. 

Keyed Alike (KA): This option provides the "same key" convenience and eliminates the need for multiple keys where numerous padlocks are used. Keyed Alike is ideal for situations where employees have more than one safety padlock. 

Master Keyed (MK): In a Master Keyed System, a master key opens all the locks in the system although each lock has its own unique key. This permits overriding master key systems along departmental or other functional lines, to allow supervisory access.