Barricade Tapes

Economically and efficiently highlight dangerous and potentially hazardous areas in the workplace. 

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Bronson Safety's range of barricade tape is ideal for use when warning or catching the attention of staff or visitors in a particular area or situation containing a possible hazard. These highly visible barricade tapes feature easy-to-read warning messages and are manufactures of durable material that will not fade in the harsh Australian sun. 

Barricade tapes are specifically designed to promote the safety and well-being of others and are crucial for blocking off and warning against dangerous areas. If your job includes hazardous elements be sure to properly mark off unsafe areas to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent serious workplace injuries.

The three most common messages printed on barricade tapes:

  • Caution tapes are used to alert people working in hazardous areas and instruct them to proceed carefully.
  • Danger tapes are used to forbid entry to dangerous areas that could put them at risk of serious injury or death.
  • Lead hazard warning tapes are used to alert people about areas where there is a likelihood of lead exposure.

Barricade tapes are used in the following situations:

  • Containment Areas: For abatement and remediation applications. Used to build containment systems in areas that have been blocked off or to add additional security to contaminated areas.
  • Construction Job Sites: Barricade tapes in construction work-sites are used to warn against or block off hazardous areas. They also work well to draw attention to dangerous equipment. Properly placed barricade tapes can help prevent incidents including injuries and even fatalities that occur in various industries daily.
  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel: Police officers frequently use caution tape and other barricade tapes to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Firefighters also use barricade tape to isolate areas after a fire. Forensics and law enforcement professionals often use caution tape to prevent tampering on crime scenes to protect the validity of the investigation.