Document Storage

Safely and efficiently organise SDS documentation and emergency information in your workplace.

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  1. SDS Safety Information Cabinet
    SDS Safety Information Cabinet
    $384.78 $349.80
  2. take-5-safety-notebook_1
    Take 5 Safety Notebook
    $22.99 $20.90
  3. take-5-booklet
    Take 5 Safety Booklet Kits
    $40.65 $36.95
  4. SDS Outdoor Station Steel
    SDS Outdoor Station Steel
    $259.22 $235.65
  5. SDS Indoor Station Steel
    SDS Indoor Station Steel
    $188.60 $171.45
  6. Bronson Utility Cabinets Red
    Bronson Utility Cabinets Red

    From $34.05 $30.95

  7. Bronson Utility Cabinets White
    Bronson Utility Cabinets White

    From $34.05 $30.95

  8. SDS Cabinet
    SDS Emergency Information Cabinet

    From $384.78 $349.80

  9. sds-document-holder-large-front-load-black
    Black SDS Holder Large Front Load
    $221.32 $201.20
  10. sds-document-holder-medium-front-load-black
    Black SDS Holder Medium Front Load
    $171.88 $156.25
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Document storage is integral for any organisation and may contain SDS documents, first aid information, emergency information or other manuals/information.

Bronson Safety stock a range of SDS document cabinets that are suitable for varying business sizes and requirements.  

An SDS document should provide the following information:

  • The identity of stored chemical products and related ingredients.
  • The hazards of the chemical i.e. health hazards, physical hazards and environmental hazards.
  • Physical properties of the chemical i.e. boiling point, flash point and incompatibilities with other chemicals.
  • Workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants.
  • Safe handling and storage procedures.
  • Procedures for emergency or spill situations.
  • First aid information.
  • Disposal considerations or information.