All the tips and tricks your business needs to tackle the Aussie Summer Sun and keep every staff member safe and comfortable. 

Top Tips For Workplace Heat Safety

Summer In Australia

Living in Australia, we understand that it can get HOT! Not only outside in the direct sun, but also in shaded or undercover areas equipped with hot machinery or improper ventilation. 

Excessive heat in any workplace is considered a genuine Health and Safety hazard. It is the responsibility of the PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) to understand the risks present in their workplace and to take every reasonable precaution to minimise these risks.

The below industries are likely to face the effects of Summer temperatures over the coming months and are recommended to begin investing in quality heat safety products and procedures now. 

Industries Affected by Heat in Australia

Managing The Risks This Summer

There are lots of methods to help manage the risks associated with heat exposure in the workplace. Over-heated working conditions can result in numerous adverse health effects for workers, including low to high discomfort, serious illnesses and, in certain cases, fatalities. 

Here are our top 3 risk management strategies:

Provide Shade

Easy access to shade is an extremely important tool to help manage heat stress, and improve productivity. Shade can be created in the form of tent structures (as pictured above), or by trees and buildings etc. If providing continuous shade is not a possibility, then offering staff regular water and rest breaks in a cool, shaded area is the next best option. 

Stay Hydrated

At Bronson Safety, we stock a range of quality hydration alternatives, perfect for any workplace. Our range helps to combat dehydration in the workplace - it is free from caffeine & low in sugar and sodium. In addition, we also stock various cooler options, to help keep staff hydrated with cooled water or other beverages for longer.

Wear Cooling PPE

As with any work environment, it is important that all staff dress appropriately for the take. We recommend providing light, loose-fitting workwear, that is UV resistant and breathable in Summery conditions. Our range of Summer gear, including chilled vests and cooling bandanas, offers additional heat protection and relief for staff.


The continued hydration of your team is important to us! 

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Signs & Symptoms of Heat Related Illness

It is well known that working in heat can be hazardous.

Whether directly exposed to the sun or working simply in a hot or humid space, workers may experience any of the following effects:

  • Heat rash - Skin can become irritated and cause discomfort when working in the heat.
  • Heat cramps - Muscles can cramp as a result of heavy sweating without replacing salt and electrolytes.
  • Fainting - Can occur when workers stand or rise from a sitting position. 
  • Dehydration - Increased sweating can lead to dehydration if workers aren’t drinking enough water.
  • Heat exhaustion - Can occur when the body is working too hard to stay cool.
  • Heatstroke - May occur when the body can no longer cool itself. This can be fatal, especially when symptoms are not treated early on. 
  • Burns - Can occur if a worker comes into contact with hot surfaces or tools.
  • Slips - A worker will sweat more in hot conditions which can increase the risk of slips. For example, a worker might slip when using sharp tools if their hands are damp.
  • Reduced Concentration - When working in heat it is more difficult to concentrate and a worker may become confused. This means workers may be more likely to make mistakes, such as forgetting to guard machinery. 
  • Diminished Productivity - Increased temperatures are known to reduce staff productivity in the workplace, and also increase absenteeism.
  • Increased side-effects of Medications - Heat can cause the body to absorb chemicals differently, increasing the uptake of certain chemicals into the body and thereby increasing the side effects of certain medications.

Investing in high-quality heat safety equipment is a fantastic preventative measure for these heat-related illnesses. If any of the above points are not familiar, we recommend seeking further information online or consulting a professional, to ensure your company is adequately prepared for Summer. 

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