Ladders & Steps

Provide safe and simple access to otherwise unreachable areas within the workplace.

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Ladders are a common and useful tool that are recommended for various workplaces and industries across Australia. It is important to remember that ladders are intended as a last resort option for height work, and should be used carefully. 

Ladders are designed and constructed to safely hold up to a specific amount of weight. Bronson Safety stock a range of ladders suited to different applications, surfaces and weights - please be certain to choose appropriately. 

When using a ladder, the following tips are recommended:

  • Do not overload the ladder - know the limits. Ensure only one person is climbing the ladder at any time. 
  • Do not overreach while operating on the ladder. 
  • Ensure the ground surface adequate, and ideally flat and rough enough to allow sturdy grip. 
  • Ensure that appropriate PPE is worn at all times while a ladder is in use.
  • Inspect the ladder before and after every use. 

Choose from a range of Ladders and Steps:

Platform Ladders: A platform ladder is a front step ladder with a platform as its top step and a top rail guard to provide safety while working.  Platform ladders also provide a higher level of comfort, allowing an employee to safely work on any project that requires the use of two hands. Platform ladders feature easy rotation and movement mechanisms for ease of use around the facility.

Dual Purpose Ladders: Such a ladder is manufactured to perform the tasks of multiple types of ladders, making them a valuable asset in many industries. Bronson Safety's range of dual-purpose ladders are built of heavy-duty fibreglass body and feature non-slip treads and cross-brace spreader feet for additional stability. 

Extensions Ladders: An extension ladder is a widely used ladder when reaching high places in numerous industries. These ladders feature two parts - the base and the fly. It is important to ensure that any extension ladders purchased for use in the workplace are of extremely high quality, as they can be highly dangerous is not. The top of an extendable ladder should extend a minimum of 3 feet beyond the roofline or contact point. For added safety, Bronson Safety recommends tying the top of an extension ladder to a sturdy anchor point. 

Step Stools: These short, ladder alternatives offer a lightweight and affordable solution for adding extra reach whilst performing small tasks around any facility. For example, stools are perfect for cleaning, arranging items for better storage or trying to reach an overhead item in the workplace. Bronson Safety step stools feature non-slip rubber bases that hold firmly to the floor and prevent the steps from sliding, rolling or tipping.