Spill Kits

Ensure your workplace is equipped to clean up and remove any unwanted spillages and leaks. 

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Spill Kits and Sorbents are utilised in Australian workplaces to contain, control, and clean up various spills. Spill Kits contain a range of sorbents and other accessories that contribute to minimising spill risks and meeting environmental obligations.

At Bronson Safety, we offer a range of Spill Kits and Sorbents that target various substances:

General Purpose - These spill kits are Yellow in colour and are suitable for absorbing general spills, from water-based and non-hazardous liquids, including paints and coolants, to greater hydrocarbons, including oils, fuels and grease. 

Hazchem - These spill kits are Blue in colour and are suitable for most hazardous chemical spills including acids, coolants, solvents and oils. 

Oil & Fuel - Perfect for marine applications. These spill kits are Red in colour and are designed for all hydrocarbon-based liquids including fuel, oils and grease.

Available in multiple sizes, these kits suit specific company requirements so we recommend reading the list of included products carefully. Depending on the products included, Bronson Safety spill kits are available in carrying bags or wheelie bins. All Spill Kits and Sorbents are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and are colour-coded to the Australian Standard Specifications.