Reduce hazards in areas where dangerous substances are stored, and contain accidental spillages.  

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Bunding is a legal requirement in Australian workplaces with tanks, storage vessels or plants that contain environmentally dangerous or hazardous liquids. Bronson Safety offers a range of Bunding solutions for Australian workplaces that handle, process or store potentially polluting substances.

Examples of pollutants include agricultural chemicals, cleaning agents, detergents, engine coolants, oil, grease, petroleum products, wash water, solvents and numerous other chemicals. All Bronson Safety bunding options are high quality and long lasting, to ensuring that the environment remains free of pollutants and dangerous substances.

Depending on specific workplace requirements, we stock rigid, collapsible, flexible and heavy-duty bund systems. In addition, we also stock drain seals, drain filters and various racking and temporary bund options. In Australia, each individual state has specific Laws and Regulations for containing spillages and leaks and preventing environmental contamination. Please consult your relevant authorities to confirm compliance.